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Elevating leaders and teams to do their best work.

“What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make." — Jane Goodall

We all want to make an impact and do our best work.  Light Executive was established to uplift the executives, entrepreneurs, and leadership teams that aspire to make an impact and experience a meaningful journey along the way.

meet ashley

Hi, I’m Ashley.  As a certified executive coach with 15+ years of experience working with small and medium-sized enterprises, across various industries, I know what it takes to engage people and impact results.  I get excited about helping people, teams, and companies figure out what they really want, and navigate the complexities to get there.

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Creating great teams and cultures takes intention + action.  

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Helping individuals and teams navigate the complexities toward their goals to choose and live in their best forms.

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Leverage expertise and capability of an executive at an investment point that fits your business today; to build your business of tomorrow.

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“Thanks to Ashley's leadership, our team has become more engaged and motivated.  She is a smart, passionate driver of people development and a strategic partner who knows how to leverage data to maximize our investment in our team.  Ashley has a unique ability to drive the company strategy forward while serving as a strong teammate and champion for her peers and team members.  Our company wouldn't be where it is today if it wasn't for Ashley's amazing input.  I'm so grateful to have her on our team!"
Photo if Bruce Johnson
Bruce Johnson
Executive Chairman & Co-CEO, Vertical City
"Working with Ashley has been transformative for our organization's corporate culture. Her strategic guidance and support has greatly improved our team dynamics and leadership ethos. This partnership has yielded tangible results, notably reflected in the growth of our leadership team and their newfound confidence. It has been a catalyst for positive change throughout our entire organization.  

The Retained HR Advisory services have exceeded our expectations, fundamentally shaping our corporate culture for the better. Ashley’s expertise has been instrumental in navigating complex HR challenges and steering us towards sustainable growth. We're immensely grateful for her invaluable contributions and look forward to continued collaboration as we strive for excellence."
Photo of Dave Brown
Dave Brown
President, Core Management Group, Inc.
“I have had the opportunity to work with Ashley for many years and never hesitate to recommend her to clients that I also work with. Ashley is a great listener and works very hard to ensure she understands the client’s needs. She has exceptional attention to detail and asks compelling questions which give clients confidence that she will deliver exactly what she promises.  It is a pleasure to work with Ashley.”
photo of Margot Ross-Graham
Margot Ross-Graham
Owner Sandbar Coaching and Consulting
"As a leader of an organization it is imperative to grow continuously to best support those who rely on you.  Upon accepting my new role as Executive Director, I was fortunate to begin my journey with Ashley.  Her guidance has been invaluable, helping me to explore blind spots, address limitations, and discover unlocked potential.  Ashley provides flexible, supportive challenges, while always prioritizing our journey forward.

Ashley has a gift for inspiring me to push beyond my comfort zone and strive for continuous self-improvement. Her coaching challenged me to set bolder goals, take calculated risks, hold myself to a higher standard of excellence, and ongoing self-reflection. Any executive seeking to elevate their leadership impact and accelerate career growth would be wise to engage Ashley as their coach. She is a consummate professional whose insights and support can be a powerful catalyst for enduring success."
Chris Simonson, Executive Director, McMan Edmonton and North
"Working with Ashley has been transformative. She has equipped me with tools and strategies that have made me a more effective leader and helped me lead my team with greater compassion. Difficult conversations, which used to be a source of stress, have become much more manageable and constructive thanks to her guidance.

Ashley consistently provides insights and support that push me to become the best version of myself both professionally and personally. Her holistic approach ensures that growth in my career is complemented by personal development, creating a well-rounded and fulfilling journey. I am incredibly grateful to have her on this journey, and I highly recommend her to anyone looking to elevate their leadership skills and overall well-being."
Photo of Nicolette Leonardis
Nicolette Leonardis
President, Vertical Impression
"I had the pleasure of working with Ashley and couldn't be happier with the experience. She is incredibly flexible in her coaching style, adapting sessions to fit my unique needs and challenges. Her approach to coaching was exceptionally positive and supportive, which made a significant impact on my personal and professional growth.

"What stood out the most was her ability to help me work through my thoughts and come to my own conclusions. Rather than simply providing answers, Ashley guided me to discover solutions myself, fostering a deeper understanding and confidence in my decision-making abilities. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a coach who is not only skilled but also genuinely invested in their client's success."
Photo of Dawn Bailey
Dawn Bailey
Licensed Associate Condominium Manager, Core Real Estate Group